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Student Governing Association

Student Tribunal

Duties of Student Tribunal:

  • Interpret the KSU SGA Constitution, By-Laws and legislation, upon written request by the Student Body President, Chair of Student Senate, or by presentation of a petition signed by 50 members of the KSU SGA. The interpretation should be (in order of priority):
    • Based primarily on the common understanding of the words and phrases.
    • Logically consistent with the remainder of the document.
    • Consistent with prior interpretations.
    • In the best interest of members of the KSU SGA.
  • Try bills of impeachment passed by Student Senate, with the exception of judicial boards.
  • Hear appeals of decisions form the Housing and Dining Services Judicial Boards, ad hoc boards, SGA Elections Committee, and Student Review Board, with the authority to modify or overturn the decisions of such judicial boards.
  • Hear in the first instance disciplinary cases involving special circumstances or situations for which jurisdiction is not otherwise described.
  • Consider appeals of decisions originating under the Policy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment, Policy Prohibiting Sexual Violence, and Policy Prohibiting Racial or Ethnic Harassment when appeal is beyond the administrative process desired.
  • Hear appeals from any committee created according to the legislative powers granted in Article V of the SGA Constitution when legislation specifies such an appeal.

Student Tribunal shall be composed of two faculty members appointed by Faculty Senate and five students appointed by the Student Body President in consultation with the Attorney General, as follows:

  • One off-campus student unaffiliated with an organized living group.
  • One student from a Fraternity or Sorority which is a member of The Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council or Black Panhellenic Council.
  • One student from the KSU Association of Residence Halls (KSUARH).
  • Two at-large students, one being designated as Chancellor.

Chancellor of Student Tribunal

  • Mason Crosby