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Student Governing Association

Attorney General of Student Government

Joe Oaks

It is the duty of the Attorney General to preside over the Judicial Branch of SGA. Judicial authority is divided and controlled by the following boards: Judicial Council, Student Tribunal, Housing and Dining Services Judicial Boards, Student Review Board, Parking Citations Appeals Board and Ad Hoc Boards.

Judicial power includes the disposition of non-academic university disciplinary complaints against students, violations of the KSU SGA Constitution, Conduct Code, Residence Life Policies, and Housing and Dining Services Contracts, interferences with students’ rights and freedoms and appeals of KSU Police Department parking citations.

The SGA Attorney General in consultation with the Student Body President appoints members to the above-mentioned judicial boards, and is also responsible for initial and on-going training of those boards. The Attorney General also determines which judicial boards shall be authorized to hear each case in consultation with the Dean of Student Life.