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Office of Student Activities and Services

Making an Appointment

Do you meet the following requirements?

  • You must be a currently enrolled KSU Student.
  • Another party in your issue cannot be another KSU Student. The attorney cannot help in issues that are between two KSU Students
  • Your issue cannot be with Kansas State University or department of the university, this includes Parking Services.

If you meet all these requirements continue on. If not, the Student Legal Services Attorney cannot help you.

Is your issue in regards to a Landlord/Tenant issue? 

If it is you first need to see the Consumer and Tenant Affairs Director. If the issue is not a Landlord/Tenant issue continue on.

Is your concern immigration related?

 If it is please contact the International Student Center. If not please continue on.

To Set Up Your Appointment

To set up your appointment call the Office of Student Activities and Services at (785) 532-6541 or stop by the office on the ground floor of the K-State Student Union. Appointments can usually be scheduled within 24 hours.

What to Bring

When you are coming for your appointment, it is important to bring all relevant papers (ie, tickets, leases, letters from attorneys, etc...) If you are facing charges in the Municipal Court of Manhattan, try to get a copy of your police report prior to your appointment. These are available at the City Court at 610 Colorado.

Helpful Hints

  • Don't wait until the day before court to come in. The earlier you make your appointments the more help the attorney can be.
  • Be prepared to take notes
  • Don't bring parents, girlfriends, boyfriends, or others to your appointment
  • Be honest.