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Audrey Ayres

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Audrey Ayers
Fort Leavenworth Program Coordinator
Kansas State University

Located below the Child Development Center:
120 Dickman Avenue, Building 62, Room L-5
Fort Leavenworth,
KS  66027

K-State at Fort Leavenworth

Students who attend the Command and General Staff College, or CGSC, at Fort Leavenworth are among the nation's best military leaders. They expect and deserve to earn a degree through a rigorous program from a well-respected university. Once veterans complete their service to their country, Kansas State University delivers a degree from an institution that employers will recognize.

Courses are taught by faculty members who are fully engaged in their academic fields. These faculty members are known nationally for their research and expertise and are committed to student success. With more than 40 years of providing academic programs at Fort Leavenworth, K-State truly understands the Command and General Staff College student concerns, demanding schedules and family responsibilities.

Faculty members go out of their way to help students complete their master's degrees in the nine months they are on post while never sacrificing educational quality. K-State's extremely high retention and graduation rates of Command and General Staff College students validate the university's commitment to military learners.

We consider Fort Leavenworth a full-fledged part of the university because all of our students are part of the K-State family.

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Brigadier General Mark Stammer, AlumnusLt. Col. Matt McKinley
Tracy McClungMaj. Brian Tinklepaugh

Graduate programs

K-State offers two master's degree programs at Fort Leavenworth.

  • Twelve semester hours of Command and General Staff College resident coursework transfers to these K-State programs (unless previously applied to another master's degree program).

  • While these programs are designed specifically for the Command and General Staff College student, they are also open to military-affiliated learners, government civilians and family members on a space-available basis.

Adult Learning and Leadership program

Since 1998, one- and two-star generals and more than 900 military-affiliated graduates have completed the adult education program and consistently have reported a significant positive effect on their careers and throughout all aspects of their lives.

These graduates have cited their inherent roles as adult educators as they lead, train and educate adults throughout their careers. Graduates routinely highlight that the program provides new leadership insights and helps them better understand the adults with whom they lead and work alongside daily.

The program focuses on areas such as:

  • Adult learning and motivation strategies
  • The neuroscience of learning
  • Processes for developing effective education-related programs
  • Critical adult education concept grounded in the Army’s Adult Learning Concept
  • The examination of cultural influences on learning 
Master of Science in Adult Learning and Leadership
Program requirements

33 hour program:

  • 21 graduate credit hours from K-State: 18 required course hours and 3 elective course hours
  • 12 transfer hours of A or B from CGSC (unless previously applied to another master's degree program)
Required curriculum
EDACE 780 Introduction to Adult Education

Course description

This is a foundation course that acquaints the student with the diverse and evolving field of adult education. It provides a systematic base for further studies in adult education. The broad purpose of this course is to have students explore the scope and significance of the field and its contributions to present-day learning in society. The student should leave this course with the beginning perspective of how adult education emerged, how it is presently changing, and how it interrelates with other fields and disciplines.

EDACE 790 Characteristics of the Adult Learner

Course description

The purpose of this course is to help the student gain increased knowledge about the characteristics of adults and how these impact learning. Students will be asked to develop a critical understanding of relevant theories, concepts, and research. Lastly, they will develop a better understanding of themselves as an adult learner.

EDACE 818 Social Foundations of Adult Education

Course description

This course is designed for adult and continuing education students and college or university personnel in sociology and related fields dealing with adults. It is based on the premise that learning is affected by society, government, and economics. Included is an in-depth examination of the relationship between adult education and culture.

EDACE 830 Program Planning in Adult Education

Course description

This course includes an analysis of major approaches of program planning and development and discussion of assumptions related to successful program planning in several types of organizations. It outlines the importance of program planning and elements of a systematic planning process.

EDACE 847 Adult Learning and Motivation

Course description

This course will examine current adult learning and motivational concepts. Emphasis will be on gaining an understanding of how to create learning environments that enhance adult motivation to learn. Additionally, the practical application of learning theories in the classroom will be explored.

EDCEP 816 Research Methods in Education (or approved equivalent)

Course description

This course will focus upon the fundamental principles and methods of social science research. Additionally, it will provide an opportunity for students to become critical readers of research-based literature in adult education through developing an understanding of the key aspects of quantitative, qualitative, and action-based analytical methods and research traditions.

Program Q&A (pdf)
Program highlights (pdf)
Program Contact:

Royce Ann Collins
Adult Learning and Leadership Graduate Program Director
Email: racollin@k-state.edu
Phone: 913-307-7353

Security studies program

The security studies program offers a broad, analytical perspective to national and international security. This interdisciplinary program offers both master’s and doctoral degree options and prepares students for careers in research, teaching, and security and international affairs through a broad exploration of social science and historical methodologies.

Coursework is taken through the political science and history departments and concentrates on issues of strategy, politics, economics and society from historical and social science perspectives. Both on-campus and Fort Leavenworth students participate in the security studies program, and classes at both locations are linked through videoconferencing. Program participants consistently report the value of exploring the diverse perspectives in the classroom, particularly those perspectives expressed by nonmilitary campus participants and international students with different life experiences.

Master of Arts in Security Studies

Although this is a professional master's degree, the program focuses on issues complementing those emphasized in the military's professional training. The program is designed to be compatible with the U.S. Army's Intermediate Level Education (ILE) at Fort Leavenworth, and to be completed within the time frame of the ILE resident course. While it demands a substantial amount of time and energy, students routinely succeed in balancing ILE and our requirements.

Program requirements

30 hour program:

  • 18 graduate credit hours from K-State
  • 12 transfer hours of A or B from CGSC (unless previously applied to another master's degree program)
Ph.D. in Security Studies
Program requirements
  • 90 post-baccalaureate, graduate credit hours
  • Up to 30 graduate credit hours from the master’s degree may be used to satisfy degree requirements

Required courses and research

Full program details
Program Contact:

Security Studies Program
Calvin Hall, Kansas State University
Email: securstu@ksu.edu
Phone: 785-532-6842


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