Graduation and Commencement

The university establishes dates that are considered official graduation dates for students completing all requirements for either the master's degree or the doctoral degree. Official diplomas issued by the Graduate School for the degree earned reflect the appropriate date of graduation.

Deadlines and checklists

Below are major deadlines for completing all degree requirements for graduation. To officially graduate and to participate in commencement, there are important steps you must complete prior to these deadlines. Please refer to checklists for step-by-step instructions on completing requirements for the semester you plan to graduate.

To graduate in: Complete all requirements by: Use checklists to stay on track
Summer 2024 August 9 View summer checklists
Fall 2024 November 8 View fall checklists

Check Your Degree Progress

Graduate students who have questions about their degree progress should email their respective degree specialist to request a graduation check:

  • College of Arts and Sciences and College of Veterinary Medicine - Angie Pfizenmaier
  • College of Health and Human Sciences and College of Education - Kyli Cass
  • Colleges of Agriculture, Architecture, Business Administration , Engineering, Technology and Aviation (Salina), Public Administration, Public Health, and Fine Arts - Brenda Nowakowski

Commencement Ceremonies

The Graduate School recognizes graduates at one of two semi-annual university commencement ceremonies scheduled for May and December. Students who have satisfied all requirements for the degree may formally participate in the commencement ceremony, which includes being publicly recognized, and, in the case of doctoral students, being hooded by their major professors.

Students completing degree requirements after the deadline dates for a particular university commencement ceremony have passed will be invited to attend the ceremony in the following semester. Such students will be listed in the next commencement program as having fulfilled requirements the previous semester.

Please visit the university's commencement website for full information about commencement. Questions about event logistics, student registration, and guest tickets should be directed to

Commencement information