Angie Pfizenmaier

112 Eisenhower Hall

Lead Degree Analyst

  • Provides degree progress support to graduate students, faculty, and staff for programs in
    - College of Arts and Sciences
    - College of Veterinary Medicine
    - PhD in Leadership Communication
  • Processes the following for programs in the colleges listed above
    - Programs of study
    - Program/Committee change form
    - Request for preliminary exam ballot
    - Preliminary examination ballot
    - Approval to schedule final examination form
    - Final examination ballot
    - ETDR ballot
    - ETDR submission to KREx and ProQuest
    - Final degree checks for graduating students
  • Oversees compilation of Graduate School entries for Fall and Spring commencement programs

Originally from Waterville, KS, Angie received her bachelor's degree from K-State in 1992 and joined the Graduate School in 1996. She resides on the Pfizenmaier family farm in Green, KS. Angie enjoys working on the farm and attending events with family and friends. She enjoys spending her free time smoking food on her Rec Tec and watching a good movie snuggled up with her pups.