Cultural Studies: Faculty Projects

Mark Crosby British literary and visual culture of the eighteenth century and Romantic period, history of ideas, William Blake, and digital humanities.

Greg Eiselein
American literature and culture (before 1900); contemporary theory and the new cultural studies; multicultural American literature; religion, theory, and culture.

Carol Franko
Fantasy, science fiction, and utopian literature.

Tanya González
U.S. Latina/o Studies; American Gothic; U.S. Ethnic American Literature; Media Studies; Ugly Betty.

Don Hedrick
Movie trailers and movie advertising; theorizing entertainment value in the early modern period; Shakespeare and gender; masculinity studies; horror and violence in film and literature.

Dan Hoyt
Is working on a new collection of short stories that examines attitudes toward fame and the famous, and he has taught a variety of interdisciplinary classes, such as The Literature of Rock and Roll and a team-taught course on neurological case studies.

Michele Janette
Asian-American literature, especially Vietnamese-American literature; representations of the Vietnam War; film; feminist activism; pedagogies for international students in English-language literature courses.

Cameron Leader-Picone Contemporary African-American literature and culture; Race in contemporary America; multiculturalism and discourses of colorblindness, post-racialism. Current project examines the representation of race in 21st century African-American literature.

A. Abby Knoblauch
Feminist rhetorical theories and pedagogies, composition theories and pedagogies, popular culture and the teaching of writing, and maverick rhetorics. Current projects include rhetorical theories of identification in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and representations of argument in college composition textbooks.

Anne Longmuir
The Victorian novel, especially works of Charlotte Bronte; Contemporary American Fiction and Postmodernism; Scottish Literature; National identity and the novel.

Anuja Madan
South Asian Studies; Postcolonial Studies, Children's Literature, Comics, Visual Studies, Cultural Studies, Childhood Studies, Gender and Women Studies.

Phillip P. Marzluf
Writing of Midwestern Christian homeschooled students; violence and language in Frantz Fanon's manifestos; the eighteenth-century "anthropology" and rhetoric of Lord Monboddo; contemporary English language identity in Mongolia; and the politics of diversity in higher education.

Wendy Matlock
Medieval literature, especially Middle English debate poetry; law and literature; body in medieval culture; theories of gossip and voyeurism; animal studies.

Philip Nel
Dr. Seuss, Harry Potter, Postmodernism, radical children's literature, Crockett Johnson and Ruth Krauss.

Kara Northway
Early modern drama and culture; especially labor and economics, manuscript culture, theater history, and Shakespeare.

Tom Sarmiento
Filipinx American Literature & Culture; Asian American Literature; Queer Literature & Theory; Feminist Theory; Cultural Studies; Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies; Midwest Literature & Culture; Visual Culture (Television & Film)

Kimball Smith
Medieval and Renaissance literature; medieval and early modern cartography; contemporary fiction.

Lisa Tatonetti
Native American Literature.

Karin Westman
The body in modern and contemporary British Literature; cross-over/dual audience texts for child and adult readers; U.S. and U.K book publication.