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English Language Program

Life in the ELP



Program Policies

Student Learning Center (SLC) and Tutoring Center 

We have two places where students can improve their English outside of class!
Students studying in the ITC
Student Learning Center(SLC)
Student studying with a tutor
Tutoring Center
Please come as often as you want and stay as long as you can!

Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Where to go for help with common questions


Questions About

Talk To


Help with your ELP classes

Difficulties understanding your grades

Your teachers.

All teachers have “office hours” during the week.

Visit them during these times reserved for helping students. 

In your teacher’s office or online. 

Come to Fairchild 205 and ask for your teacher or check the links in Canvas for online office hours.

More help with your classes/homeworkThe Tutoring Center

202 Fairchild Hall, 1601 Vattier Street (map) or sign up for an appointment online

Difficulties or questions about:

  • your class schedule
  • your teachers
  • EPT results
  • applying for admission to a degree program
  • taking the TOEFL
  • American culture
  • homesickness

The ELP Advisors:

Leena Chakrabarti, Associate Director for Student Services


April Darnell, Advisor Coordinator


Come to visit us in Fairchild 205 or send us an email

It is best to make an appointment with an advisor.

Please be on time for your appointment.

Government Scholarships or Sponsorship Programs

Wendy Matthews

Special Programs and Sponsored Students

213 Fairchild Hall


Immigration Regulations, Visas, I-20, Traveling outside of the U.S.
The International Student Center

1414 Mid Campus Drive (map)

(785) 532-6448


HealthLafene Health Center 

1105 Sunset Avenue (map)

(785) 532-6544

You can also make an appointment online

Making Friends and Connecting with Others

Make Friends!

Join an international organization!

Join a sport club!  

See an ELP Advisor 

Talk to a Counselor

International Buddies

International Student Organizations

K-State sport clubs

ELP Advisors 

Counseling Services