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English Language Program

ELP Costs 2021-2022 Academic Year - Manhattan Campus

This page shows estimated costs for one semester of study in the ELP at the Manhattan Campus. Undergraduate tuition rates are different from ELP tuition rates. You can see costs for classes outside of the ELP on the Undergradute Tuition Estimate page. If you are studying in an online program, see the costs from Global Campus.

For other cost details, please see the university's fee schedule.

Required Expenses

Estimated Costs for 16-Week Semester (Spring or Fall)

Estimated Costs for 8-Week Semester (Summer)

ELP Tuition "Nonresident rate" $669.90 per credit hour (18 credit hours per semester) 

Estimated Living Expenses

On-Campus Housing (Traditional Double Room)*
$2,600.00$1,600.00 (10 weeks)
University All Access Meal Plan*
$2,450.00 $400.00 (50 meals)
Personal Costs

Total Expenses


*Traditional Double in Moore Hall allows for housing during university breaks, but options range from $2,600-$4,850. The All Access meal plan is our most popular choice, however options range from $2,140-$2,450. These costs reflect the approved rates for the 2021-2022 academic year. Find more details about housing costs and dining costs


ELP Tuition shown above is for 18 credit hours. A student's first semester will be 19 credit hours, which includes a one credit hour orientation. This also covers the cost of instruction and facilities. 

Fees include use of Lafene Student Health Center, Recreational Services, Library, Tutoring, Testing and campus activity fees. Please see the university's catalog for all services provided. College of Arts and Sciences Fee, Special ELP Fee (online testing, etc.), ID Card and ISSS Fee.

Estimated Living Expenses include unlimited meals per week. (Dining Plan)  There are many options for on campus housing and dining. For all options see the housing page.

Health Insurance is billed automatically to each student account. Students can see doctors for free and get routine medical tests and medicines at reasonable prices at Lafene Health Center.  However, for serious medical problems students will need to go to a hospital.  These services are not covered by the campus fee and can be very expensive.  For this reason health insurance is a requirement for international students.

A service charge is added to all credit card payments.   

Optional Payment Plan you can pay your bill in several payments throughout the semester. There is a fee for this service. 

For more information on cost see below:

Read the university's Refund Policy and how to find out the refund dates for your classes