Online Student Payment

Online Student Payment Tutorial

Instructions for online payments in KSIS are below. Please note the following payment policies:

  • Paying by credit card incurs a convenience fee (2.9% for the first $3,000.00 and then 2.15% after that).
  • Credit and debit card covenience fees are non-refundable.
  • Paying by electronic payment out of a checking account is free of charge.
  • A $30 charge will be assessed for each returned check or electronic transaction.

Step 1: Sign in to KSIS with your eID and password.

Step 2: From the Student Homepage, click on Financial Account.

Financial Account Tile

Step 3: Click on the Pay Now/Direct Deposit link on the Account Balance screen.

payment/direct deposit button

Step 4: Click on the Make a Payment button.

Make a payment button

Step 5: From the eBill website, click Make a Payment to access the page that will allow you to choose which bill you wish to pay.

cashnet's Make a Payment menu

Step 6: Here, the eBill site asks that you choose what payments you would like to make, this may include your tuition or specific charges within the Direct Payments section.

A menu that asks How Much Would You Like to Pay? It shows a full tuition amount and two menu options below for Direct Payments or Total Tuition

Step 7: Direct Payments lists a variety of university charges to which you can direct specific payments. Click the box noting the charge you wish to pay.

Once you choose what you want to pay, a screen will come up and ask you to enter the amount to pay. Click "Add to Shopping Basket" to continue.

eight panels listing different types of Direct Payments like Athletic Tickets, Campus Privilege Fees, Housing Charges and Insurance

Step 8: Once you’ve chosen where you want your payment directed, you may enter the payment amount.

A field for Payment of Athletic Tickets in which $60 has been entered.

Step 9: Choose Pay Now if you wish to make no further payments at this time. Select Add More to add additional payments.

A check mark above the words Item added. A menu then asks if you would like to Pay Now or Add more.

All added Direct Payments will appear in the payment confirmation screen.

A check mark above the words Item added. A menu then asks if you would like to Pay Now or Add more.

Step 10: Click Continue at the bottom of the page and select your payment method.

list of payment options, ach, debit, 529, international

Step 11: Select which payment method you wish to use and complete your payment. The following options are available:

Credit/Debit Card
(Please note credit/debit card covenience fees are non-refundable).

debit and credit card entry fields

ACH Payment

You will need to have a regular checking account or money market account. Use the account number directly printed on the check. Do not use a debit or check card as ACH payment or you will incur a 2.9% convenience fee. If you have previously entered your banking information when signing up for Direct Deposit, you will see this as a saved payment option.

ACH Menu with field for account number information.

529 Savings Plan

529 Savings Plan Menu with fields for plan selection.

International Payment via Flywire

International Payment options with a link to Flywire.

Fill out the appropriate fields and complete your payment.