Future student scholarships and awards

Future student scholarships and awards

Follow the simple steps below to maximize your scholarship potential at K-State.

Step 1: Apply to K-State: General University Scholarships and Awards

Applying for admission to K-State is always the first step toward accessing our general university scholarship and awards, or university merit awards, as well as other top-level campus awards.

Select your planned entry term below to browse the scholarship opportunities for which you may be eligible.

General University Scholarships and Awards are only available to students enrolling in in-person programs, online programs are not eligible.

Step 2: Submit competitive scholarship/awards applications (incoming domestic freshmen only)

Incoming domestic freshmen at the Manhattan and Salina campuses may also consider applying for competitive scholarships and awards. Supplemental applications are due Dec. 15, 2023.


Step #3: Apply for college/departmental awards through the K-State Scholarship Network, or KSN

Once you are admitted to the university, you'll also want to create and submit a profile in the K-State Scholarship Network (KSN) system. KSN is a platform for you to share more details about yourself, your academic interests, and your involvement, which then matches you to additional scholarship opportunities. Students attending all K-State campuses are invited to apply for scholarships through KSN.

  • Incoming domestic freshmen: this date has been extended to March 15, 2024
  • Incoming transfer students and all international students: Apply by March 15, 2024