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How much does K-State cost?

Budgeting for your degree shouldn't be difficult. Which is why we have the costs broken down for you with our standard cost of attendance estimate.

About these numbers

These costs represent an estimate of a student’s educational expenses for an academic year. Cut these numbers in half to see the cost of just one semester. Tuition rates are calculated at 15 credit hours per semester, or 30 credit hours for the full year.

Your actual costs for housing and food, books and supplies, transportation, and personal expenses will vary based on:

  • The number of credit hours you take
  • Whether you’re a Kansas resident
  • Your personal spending choices
  • Your travel habits

For an in-depth look at the costs, including a detailed breakdown of fees, please view the university's comprehensive fee schedule.


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Billed expenses Living on Campus Living off Campus Living on Campus Living off Campus
Estimated tuition and mandatory fees $13,138 $13,138 $12,406 $12,406
On campus housing and food $12,020 -- $9,238 --
Total billed expenses $25,158 $13,138 $21,644 $12,406
Other estimated costs
Books and supplies $1,056 $1,056 $1,056 $1,056
Transportation $1,152 $1,152 $1,402 $1,402
Off campus housing and food -- $9,392 -- $9,238
Miscellaneous personal costs $3,060 $3,060 $3,196 $3,196
Total other estimated costs $5,268 $14,660 $5,654 $14,892
Total cost (billed and other) $30,426 $27,798 $27,298 $27,298