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2025 Visionary Plan

If you have questions or comments, or suggestions, please send an email to 2025@k-state.edu

August Letter to Campus from President Schulz and Vice President Trewyn: K-State 2025 Update

Dear Colleagues,

For several years now you've been involved with helping K-State become a Top 50 public research university by 2025. It's important to share with you the progress our university is making toward this goal. We're pleased to let you know that we've made another step forward in our journey to the Top 50.

The 2025 research themes committee has released its report, "Identifying Opportunities for Focused Research Expansion." The committee was tasked to identify research areas that are likely to support our attainment of the 2025 goals. The committee determined these areas by looking at those that are likely to attract funding agency support and those that have a strong base of success at the university.

We encourage you to look at the areas the committee suggests we consider for focused research investment and then provide your feedback. You can find the research themes report online. Please email your feedback to 2025@k-state.edu.

We'd like to thank the committee members who thoughtfully considered the possibilities to arrive at these research areas. The committee members are: Marne Arthaud-Day, associate professor of management; Stefan Bossmann, professor of chemistry; Raju Dandu, professor of mechanical engineering technology; Tim Keane, professor of landscape architecture/regional and community planning; Laszlo Kulcsar, associate professor of sociology; Mary Rezac, ConocoPhillips professor of sustainable energy and committee chair; Bruce Schultz, professor of anatomy and physiology; Jeannie Sneed, professor and head of the department of hospitality management and dietetics; Linda Thurston, associate dean of the College of Education and professor of special education, counseling and student affairs; Stephen Welch, professor of agronomy; and Rebecca Spexarth, project manager for KSUIC/KBED and facilitator.

Go Cats!

Kirk Schulz

Ron Trewyn
Vice President for Research