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2025 Visionary Plan

As K-State's 2025 strategic plan comes to a close, our strategic planning efforts continue as Next-Gen K-State. See the latest updates on the Next-Gen K-State website.

Diversity Planning

Diversity is not only one of the eight “common elements” that underlie our K-State 2025 vision and goals, but it is also a value we embrace as an institution that is critically important to the future of our students, our faculty and staff, and our university community. It is core to our mission and embedded in our principles of community.

Following the completion of the K-State 2025 university visionary plan, the President's Commission on Multicultural Affairs and the Office of Diversity were asked to recommend a university diversity strategic action plan aligned with K-State 2025. The Draft K-State 2025 Diversity Strategic Action Plan (pdf) was shared with the K-State community for comment during Spring 2014.  Based on the comments, an expanded planning group is being formed to revise the plan during the coming year with a broadened focus on inclusion for all.

Final Office of Diversity K-State 2025 Strategic Action and Alignment Plan, February 2015
Letter to Campus from Provost Mason, December 19, 2014
Letter to Campus from Provost Mason, September 4, 2014

This report compiles the online comments and suggestions received during the formal comment period.

Draft K-State 2025 Diversity Strategic Action Plan (pdf)
Letter to Campus from Provost Mason, March 26, 2014