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2025 Visionary Plan

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Doctorates Granted



Based on the most recent data of Kansas State University
and Peer Comparison Institutions

InstitutionDoctorates Granted*
Kansas State University162162158166190179188176207
Auburn University204247237249257272289253244
Clemson University192220187216237233231232  243
Colorado State University203235230230251248223250  263
Iowa State University358394349347321322352393  389
Louisiana State University -
Baton Rouge
North Carolina State University395446488494512511538533564
Oklahoma State University187212238241242256223243231
Oregon State University172206213196211210273242290
University of Massachusetts -
Washington State University197203268260281322315336  312

* from IPEDS Data Center - most recent available comparative data, does not include DVM or other "first professional" degrees