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2025 Visionary Plan

If you have questions or comments, or suggestions, please send an email to 2025@k-state.edu

About K-State 2025

In February 2010, the university launched an ambitious planning initiative with the visionary goal to be recognized as a Top 50 Public Research University by 2025. Building on our collective history as a public land-grant institution, we embarked on a planning process that was inclusive and exciting. With broad involvement, K-Staters worked together to craft our future.

During the summer 2011, eight key university metrics were identified to benchmark and measure our progress to becoming a Top 50 Public Research University. Seven theme areas with goals, associated action plans, and expected outcomes were defined, as well as eight common elements spanning all theme areas.

This strategic plan and vision define us not only as a great place for students, but also as a modern land-grant university valuing and integrating research, education, and engagement on behalf of our communities, state, nation, and society. It expresses our desire to pursue a culture of excellence in all we do. As a living plan, K-State 2025 serves as a guide for our decision-making and priority setting.

As K-State 2025 planning expands, this page will serve as an archive of the planning process and related articles.

The Visionary Plan Process
(February 2010 - September 2011)

These reports and resources illustrate the phased-process used to define the 2025 Visionary Plan.

Update for the K-State 2025 Visionary Plan
(March - December 2017)

The K-State community began an initiative to update the K-State 2025 strategic plan during 2017 by requesting suggestions for changes. These suggestions were shared and are available to inform the new planning process.

K-State 2025 Refresh
(September 2019-September 2020)

A university strategic plan evolves as the university adapts to changing circumstances. During Fall 2019, a refresh effort to update the K-State 2025 plan was launched to gather suggestions for changes to the plan and to consider several new areas of strategic focus. Efforts to refresh the plan were put on hold during 2020 as the university responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Information gathered during that effort is available to inform a new university strategic planning process to take the university beyond 2025.

Related articles and archives

K-Stater article: Strategy for the Future K-State 2025 (pdf)

K-State 2025 Spotlights

Celebrating five years of progress, 2011-2016

Each of the K-State 2025 Spotlights highlighted a unique story from the first five years that contributed to our K-State 2025 momentum. For more, read Provost Mason's letter to campus launching the Spotlights.

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