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2025 Visionary Plan

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Six-Year Graduation Rate



Based on the most recent data of Kansas State University
and Peer Comparison Institutions

InstitutionSix-Year Graduation Rate by Cohort*
Kansas State University56%58%60%59%62%63%63%64%65%68%
Auburn University66%68%68%71%73%75%77%78%79%79%
Clemson University80%82%83%82%81%81%82%83%84%85%
Colorado State University64%63%64%65%67%67%69%71%70%70%
Iowa State University68%71%68%69%71%74%73%75%74%75%
Louisiana State University -
Baton Rouge
North Carolina State University72%71%74%76%76%78%79%81%82%84%
Oklahoma State University62%62%60%61%61%63%62%61%65%64%
Oregon State University61%61%61%63%64%63%65%67%67%69%
University of Massachusetts -
Washington State University67%67%65%67%64%67%62%59%60%59%

* from IPEDS Data Center - most recent available comparative data