Statistical Consulting at K-State

The Statistical Consulting Lab at KSU was founded in 1946 to help KSU researchers who need statistical expertise. This proud tradition continues today.

The Department of Statistics is located within an institution that has a broad range of high quality science and engineering programs. This creates an opportunity for statisticians at Kansas State to gain exposure to important applications which provide excellent motivation for new research directions. The Department has a very active collaborative research and statistical consulting program that is well-known and highly respected throughout the campus, Kansas, and the nation. All of the faculty engage in some multi-disciplinary research and consulting with scientists across a variety of areas, ranging from the agricultural sciences to the social sciences.

The Department has an excellent reputation for turning out students who can solve real-world problems. Students are strongly encouraged to become involved in the collaborative research and consulting activities of the Department. Interested students work closely with faculty on a range of problems. For example, the student can assist with data analysis of a split-plot design in an agricultural project, designing a survey in a sociological project, or coding an analysis under a statistical analysis computer package. Projects vary in length of time and sophistication of the statistical methods needed to complete them. Students gain formal training in statistical consulting and communication through STAT 945.

Consulting is provided by Statistics graduate students under the supervision of Statistics faculty.

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