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Department of Statistics


Fall 2016 Orientation for Graduate Students/GTAs/GRAs

During the week of August 15, the week before classes begin, the KSU Department of Statistics, the KSU Graduate School and the KSU International Student and Scholar Services will host Fall 2016 welcome and orientation activities for new and returning graduate students.

Orientation is required for all international students. All new international students must check in with the International Student and Scholar Services (104 International Student Center) and the Graduate School (103 Fairchild Hall) upon their arrival to KSU. 

Please visit the International Student Scholar Services (ISSS) website for more information about check-in procedures and about other welcome and orientation activities for international students.

All new graduate students, including those who recently completed an undergraduate degree program at K-State, are strongly encouraged to attend the Graduate School Orientation Sessions and Activities.

Advance registration is requested for most of the Graduate School Orientation sessions and activities. Review the sessions to determine which you need or would like to attend.

New and returning Statistics Department graduate students, GTAs and GRAs are required to attend specific orientation sessions provided by the graduate school and/or the department. Please review the Department of Statistics Orientation Agenda for Fall 2016. If you are a graduate student that is new to the department, please check-in with the department office in Dickens Hall, Room 101.

We are pleased that you will be joining the KSU Department of Statistics. We look forward to another outstanding year in the department and we will anticipate your arrival.