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Department of Statistics

Consulting Faculty

Statistics faculty with joint appointments in K-State Research & Extension are listed below. These faculty are available for interdisciplinary statistical collaboration and consulting with K-State researchers based on their particular areas of interest and expertise. Appointments may be made by contacting these faculty directly.


John BoyerDr. Nora Bello
Director of Statistical Consulting Lab

002 Dickens Hall

Consulting interests: Animal and crop agriculture,animal health and epidemiology, biological sciences.


Jim HigginsDr. Chris Vahl

104 Dickens Hall 

Consulting interests: Agricultural sciences, food safety and animal health. 


Abby JagerDr. Abby Jager

102C Dickens Hall

Consulting interests: Structural equation models



Trevor HefleyDr. Trevor Hefley

205 Dickens Hall

Consulting interests: Biological and ecological data, Hierarchical Bayesian models, Generalized linear mixed models


Graduate Research Assistants and Masters Level Employees



Chixiang Chen

Chixiang Chen

Graduate Research Assistant





Chixiang Chen

Nicholas Bloedow






Chixiang Chen

Zhining Ou

Graduate Research Assistant





Nelson Walker

 Nelson Walker

Administrative Graduate Assistant