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Department of Statistics

Available Positions

Doctoral Fellowship on Applied Statistics in Agriculture 

We are seeking a PhD candidate interested in pursuing interdisciplinary research aligned with the tradition of K-State Applied Statistics in Agriculture. The fellowship research will focus on enhancing applied statistical methods in swine production and nutrition, with responsibilities ranging from training swine nutrition graduate students in statistical methods to research and development of applied statistical methods. While the application focus of the research program will be on swine production, these skills will be broadly applicable across global food production systems. 

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The specific research for this PhD program will be tailored to the individual candidate’s interest within applied statistics in an agriculture production setting. To this end, the candidate will be co advised by a faculty member in the Department of Statistics and another faculty from either the College of Agriculture or Veterinary Medicine. A Master of Science degree in statistics or an equivalent background with sufficient coursework in statistics is required. Also required is a demonstration of effective communication skills and a desire to work in a team-based environment. Experience working with agriculture systems is preferred but not required.

Training will focus on modern statistical methods as well as developing skills in providing statistical support for domain researchers. Also, an interdisciplinary understanding of modern swine production systems will be provided. Advising and mentoring will be provided from faculty in Statistics, Animal Science, Feed Science, or Veterinary Medicine. We anticipate this experience will be focused on methods applicable to other segments of the global food production system.

K-State has an extensive history in developing and implementing statistical methods in agriculture, as well as in providing statistical support and close collaboration between faculty in Statistics and the Colleges of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine.  The K-State Swine team is recognized as a global leader in applied swine production and nutrition research with extensive collaboration networks throughout the global swine industry.  Specifically, the applied swine research networks across the US swine industry are recognized as the most extensively developed in the world. The candidate would develop first-hand experience supporting as well as contributing to further development of these networks.

A competitive stipend that includes tuition will be provided. Preferred start date is August 2017. The fellowship is annually renewable upon satisfactory progress toward a degree, as determined by the candidate’s advisory committee. If interested, please send a letter of interest describing your career goals, a current resume and transcripts to: Dr. Christopher Vahl, Assistant Professor at the Department of Statistics, Kansas State University, vahl@ksu.edu. Applications will be considered in the order in which they are received until a suitable candidate is identified. 


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