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Department of Statistics

Stat Club

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Stat Club Officers for 2016-2017

Current Officers (from the left)

  • Treasurer Xianzhe Xue (Christine)
  • Vice President Narmadha Meenabhashini Mohankumar (Meenu)
  • Advisor Wei-Wen Hsu
  • President Jianfeng Chen (Jeff)
  • Secretary Jiali Zhu

Upcoming event:  Student Internship Forum - September 8 - 3:45 to 5:30 pm - 207 Dickens Hall 

For additional information about the Stat Club and related activities, please contact:

Jianfeng Chen (Jeff)
Email: sin16terry@ksu.edu
Office: 008 Dickens Hall
Phone: (785) 532-0527  


Photo Galleries - Events Sponsored by the Stat Club


Other Photos

We had another pumpkin carving contest!  

Our pumpkin masterpieces are shown below.  We carved them Monday evening (October 28, 2013), then placed them in the main office for people to vote on them. Votes were counted by the loose change accumulated by each pumpkin, except that any dollar bills penalized that pumpkin.   We garnered $140 for future Stat Club projects, and we had great fun in the process! 

pumpkin 06 pumpkin 12 pumpkin 14 pumpkin 19 pumpkin 22 pumpkin 25 pumpkin 31 pumpkin 33 pumpkin 43 pumpkin 49 pumpkin 55 pumpkin 56 pumpkin 57


Pumpkin Carving Contest

Pumpkin Carving Contest

In Fall 2011, we had a pumpkin carving contest to raise money for the club. The carved pumpkins were on display in the main office, and students, faculty and staff voted for their favorite with a cash donation. Shown is Dr. Yao, with the winning pumpkin carved in his likeness.


Ice Skating Party

Ice Skating Party

To combat the unusually warm winter, a few brave souls ventured out to the local ice skating rink.