Recent Grants

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Weixin Yao $112,000 Egg Nutrition Center (ENC). Egg lutein prevents inflammation through activating AMP-activated protein kinase in hepatic mitochondria. Principal Investigator: Dingbo Lin (Kansas State University). Role: co-PI. Timeline: 2013-2014.

Nora Bello $39,611 Zoetis (formerly Pfizer Animal Health). Grant proposal: Evaluation of immunologic response following oral vaccination with a USDA approved, attenuated, live Streptococcus equi vaccine. Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Davis, Dept. of Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University. Role: co-PI. Timeline: 2013-2014.

Haiyan Wang $10,500  Kansas Board of Regents (Kansas Education Research Scholars Program). Exploration of KBOR and KSDE data to better understand Participation, retention and graduation patterns of ABE/GED students transitioning to community college programs.  PI: Jeffrey Zacharakis,  Role: Collaborator.  Timeline: 2013-2014.

Nora Bello $35,000 Morris Animal Foundation grant proposal: The effects of ophthalmic prednisolone and diclofenac on diabetes mellitus regulation in dogs. Principal Investigator: Amy Rankin, College of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University. Role: Co-investigator. Timeline: 2013-2014.

Gary Gadbury $100,000 Determining the Effect of Space Flight on the Incidence of Cardiovasculaar Risk Factors and Disease. NASA. Principal Investigator: Ade. Role: Co-Investigator. Timeline: 2013-2014.

Nora Bello $2400 awarded for ADVANCE Distinguished Lecture Series, Kansas State University ADVANCE Institutional Transformation.  Awarded Spring 2011 and Spring 2012

Nora Bello $54,924 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation Grant proposal: “The role of medical device pouches as a source of indirect contamination and infection contributor”. Principal Investigator: Laura Bix, Michigan State University. Role: Collaborator. Timeline: 2013. Decision pending.

Weixing Song National Science Foundation  DMS 1205276. Model Diagnostics in Regression and Tobit Regression Models with Measurement Errors. 

Nora Bello $216,000 Pfizer Animal Health. Grant proposal: Immune responses in healthy foals following vaccination: characterization of immune activation in the first year of life when the vaccination protocol is initiated at 90 days of age. Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Davis, Kansas State University. Role: Consulting statistician. Timeline: 2012-2013.

Haiyan Wang $35,000 Collaboration Grant Proposal on Methods for High Dimensional Data. Award Number: 246077. The Simons Foundation. Role: PI. Timeline: 2012-2017. 

Nora Bello $500 Faculty Development Award Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Kansas State University In partial support for professional travel. Summer 2012.

Nora Bello $9,910 College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Enhancement Program  Kansas State University Grant proposal: "Development and Validation of Statistical Methodology for Multiple Trait Genomic Selection". Role: Principal Investigator. Timeline: Summer 2012.

Nora Bello $677,108 United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) - Foundational Program  A1201  Grant proposal: "Statistical Methods And Bioinformatics Tools For Multiple Trait Whole Genome Precision Selection For Heterogeneous Environments". Principal Investigator: Robert Tempelman, Michigan State University. Role: co-PI. Timeline: 2011-2016. Award #2010-04538

Nora Bello $365,351 National Institutes of Health (NIH) Program: Impact of Health Communication Strategies on Dietary Behaviors (R21) Grant proposal: Evaluating Human Processing of Front of Pack Nutritional Labels. PI: Mark Becker and Laura Bix, Michigan State University. Role: co-PI. Timeline: 2011-2013. Award #: 1R21CA155818-01A1

Nora Bello $14,624 MCAT College of Veterinary Medicine Intramural Grant Program Kansas State University Grant proposal: The Effects of Ophthalmic Prednisolone and Diclofenac on Diabetes Mellitus Regulation in Dogs (Pilot Study). Principal Investigator: Amy Rankin, Department of Clinical Sciences, Kansas State University. Role: Co-PI. Timeline: 2011-2012.

Juan Du $10,000 awarded for Proposal to College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Enhancement Program, Spatio-temporal Modeling and Prediction of Kansas Weather Data and Crop yields.

G.L. Gadbury, Consultant. Koper, PI (Nanoscale Corp). Detection of Cancer-Specific Active Proteases in Urine and Blood via Fluorescence. National Institutes of Health. Sept. 2011 – 2012.

G.L. Gadbury, Subcontract Co-I.S. Bossmann, Subcontract PI. Functionalized Bimagnetic Core/Shell Fe/Fe304 Stealth Nanoparticles for Diag & Treatment Center. Subcontract with NanoScale Corporation (NIH#HHSN 261201000111C), Oct. 15/2010-Aug. 31, 2012. $218,000 total.

G.L. Gadbury, Consultant. Koper, PI (Nanoscale Corp). Protease-based Cancer Diagnostics. Kansas Bioauthority, Proof of Concept Investment Program. 12/01/10-11/30/11.

Nora Bello $68,000 Industry contract: Borregaard LignoTech Project title: "Susceptibility of Acid Resin Treated Flaxseed to Ruminal Degradation and Implications for Milk Fatty Acid Profile of Lactating Dairy Cattle". PI: Barry Bradford, Kansas State University. Role: Supporting statistician. Timeline: Summer 2011.

Nora Bello $8,000 United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) - Subcontract - Grant proposal: "Food production, food safety and the global food supply". Principal Investigator: Randall Singer, University of Minnesota. Role: Subcontract awardee to support an international research externship for a student from Latin America in the US. Timeline: Summer 2011. Award #: 2006-55212-17250.

G.L. Gadbury, Co-Investigator. Collaborative Research: Metabolomic profiling and functions of oxidized membrane lipids in plant stress responses, National Science Foundation, 9/1/09-8/31/13, PI: R. Welti.

G.L. Gadbury, Collaborator. Standardized “Pre-flight” Exercise Tests to Predict Performance during Extravehicular Activities in a Lunar Environment, NASA, 10/1/10-9/30/13, PI: Barstow.

L. Murray, Co-PI. Soil property and salinity impacts on horsetail growth and population development in irrigation canals and on horsetail management, USDA Special Grants/Water Task Force & Rio Grande Initiative/FY2008 Efficient Irrigation for Water Conservation in the Rio Grande Basin, 10/2008-9/2011, Co-PI: Jill Schroeder (NMSU EPPWS), April Ulery (NMSU Plant & Environmental Sciences), Jamshid Ashigh (NMSU Extension Plant Sciences), $175,641.

S.R. Dubnicka, Co-Investigator. Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex: Epidemiologic Methods to Improve Evidence-based Disease Management, USDA (USDA-CSREES-NRI Program), 9/1/2007-8/30/2010, $375,000 total, 10% effort, PI: David Renter (Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology, CVM) and Brad White (Clinical Sciences, CVM).

G.L. Gadbury, Collaborator. Identification of a biomarker for masked renal failure in hyperthyroid cats, Winn Feline Foundation, 5/2009-4/2010, PI: T. Schermerhorn.

L. Murray, Co-PI. Seasonal phenology of the beet leafhopper in relation to its weed hosts and beet curly top virus infection. USDA/CSREES/Western Region Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Competetive Grants Program, 8/2007-7/31/2010, Co-PI: Rebecca Creamer (NMSU EPPWS), Scott Bundy (NMSU EPPWS), Jill Schroeder (NMSU EPPWS), $60,000.