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Accounts Receivable

Annual Accounts Receivable Report Form Instructions

These procedures are for the annual form which is submitted to the Division of Financial Services as of June 30The form is located at



  1. Select the year in the heading.
  2. Enter the name of department and 5-digit department number.
  3. Enter the contact person and their phone number.
  4. The form is to be signed and the title of the person shown along with the date.
  5. Enter the FIS Project Number  and name as well as the Topeka Fund and Source.
  6. Enter the total accounts receivable outstanding at the end of the report year, summarized by the 5-digit FIS revenue object. Please note that it will be necessary to report receivables for each FIS project separately. Please number the forms if more than one is used.
  1. Enter your estimate of the dollar amount that will prove to be uncollectible and retain documentation to support this estimate.
  2. The Eforms document will calculate the Net Receivables and Totals.
  3. Questions regarding this form are to be referred to the Financial Reporting and Asset Management section of the Division of Financial Services at (785) 532-1853.


Note: The Division of Financial Services will handle the accounts receivable procedures for sponsored projects as well as iSIS student receivables.  Thus, departments should not include such receivables in their reports.