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Questions relating to the information in each chapter of the Policies and Procedures Manual should be directed to the office issuing the chapter.

That information is usually located at the end of each chapter.

For policy update questions, please contact policy@ksu.edu.

Employee Assistance Program

Procedural Statement

The four-part procedural statement that follows outlines the progressive steps that must be taken in confronting an employee who has personal problems affecting job performance. In addition, it provides direction as to what should be documented, and describes a process in which an employee:

  • is made aware of the existence of a problem
  • is made aware of possible options
  • is motivated by being informed of the consequences of continued substandard job performance
  • is given ample warning, in progressive steps, so s/he has time to take responsibility for the situation and correct it if possible.

Although procedures are normally specific to work areas and individual cases, the graphic in Procedures for EAP Referral (pdf) illustrates, in general, procedures for dealing with substandard job performance.