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Questions relating to the information in each chapter of the Policies and Procedures Manual should be directed to the office issuing the chapter.

That information is usually located at the end of each chapter.

For policy update questions, please contact policy@ksu.edu.

Records Retention and Disposition Schedule

The records identified below may be maintained in several offices. The office of the permanent record holder needs to ensure the records are maintained according to this schedule and it needs to follow the proper disposition procedure listed. Other offices holding duplicates and supporting documents of a record are to follow this schedule. For explanation of the Retention and Disposition Code see PPM 3090.080.

Record and Brief DescriptionRetention and Disposition Code
ACADEMIC RECORD - DATABASE: permanent record of all classes attended and grades received by a student maintained on a computer storage mediumR/A
ACADEMIC RECORD - MICROFILM: permanent record of all classes attended and grades received by a student in microfilm formatR/A
ACCIDENTAL INJURY REPORT: PER-17 standard accidental injury report form; must be maintained in separate medical file5AT/D
ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE: records related to and supporting student and departmental receivables.5AU/D
ACCREDITATION REPORTS & REVIEWS: records,data, reports, reviewsR/A
ADMINISTRATIVE FILES: central file which documents daily activities of office;
correspondence, memoranda, reports, etc.
AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PLAN: a document including required workforce analysis, utilization analysis and goals for a diverse workforce that details how the University assures equal employment opportunity, prevents and corrects discrimination and harassment, and remedies discrimination and harassment.5/D
APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION: document filed by the person requesting permission to attend KSU5LA/D
APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT: PER-4 Kansas State University Employment Application5/D
APPLICATION FOR PRESIDENT'S SCHOLARSHIP: PER-32A request by the employee to receive a president scholarship to complete a degree at KSU.3/D
APPLICATION FOR TUITION ASSISTANCE: PER-32 request by the employee to take college classes during regular work hours and payment for the class made by the Tuition Assistance Program.3/D
APPOINTMENT RECORDS: classified, unclassified, hourly and graduate student appointment and termination records PER-38, PER-39, PER 40, PER-41, PER-42 conditional appointment agreement, I-9 employment eligibility form5AT/D
ARCHITECTURAL plans, drawings, maps & specificationsR/A
ATHLETE CERTIFICATION: reports filed with Conference and NCAA offices concerning eligibility to participate10/D
BANK RECORDS: canceled checks, reconciliations, credit cards, deposit slips and related records5AU/D
BONDS: bond files, canceled couponsP/A
CLASS ENROLLMENT FORM: form used by student and advisor to determine the classes in which a student will enroll for a given term and update addresses and other informationR/D
CLASSIFIED SALARY SUMMARY: provides information on classified salaries, title codes, and application processR/D
COMMITTEES RECORDS: agendas, minutes, correspondence, reports, etc. of committees, task forces, commissions, and other standing or ad hoc groupsR/A
COMPUTER SYSTEM DOCUMENTATION: paper records describing and supporting computer Student Information SystemR/D
CONFERENCES: records of conferences, symposia, sponsored by the UniversityR/A
CORRESPONDENCE-Policy Related: Incoming and outgoing letters and memoranda that state or form the basis for policy, set precedent, or record important events in the operational and organizational history of the University5/A
CORRESPONDENCE-Routine: Incoming and outgoing letters and memoranda which pertain only to routine matters handled in accordance with existing policy and procedures: requests for information, letters of transmittal, etc.R/D
CURRICULUM CHANGE: standard form used by a student to change academic objectives5LA/D
DROP-ADD: forms used to change the student semester class scheduleR/D
EDUCATIONAL AUTHORIZATION FORM: PER-25 request form for employee to take college courses during work time5AT/D
ELECTRONIC RECORDS: See specific type of record.
EMPLOYEE EVALUATION: DA-228 classified employee evaluation and expectation form5AT/D
ENTRANCE EXAMINATION SCORES: score report from national testing agencies5LA/D
FACULTY GRADE BOOKS: documents used by faculty to record class participation, attendance, homework, grades, test grades, and other items concerning students in classes10/D
FACULTY GRADE REPORTS - PAPER: reports prepared by faculty to report the grades students received in each class2/D
FACULTY GRADE REPORTS - MICROFILM: copy of paper faculty grade reports in microfilm formatR/A
FAIR LABOR STANDARDS ACT: departmental policy of agreement of compensation for overtime workedP/O
FAIR LABOR STANDARDS ACT AGREEMENT: PER-34 overtime compensation agreement for non-exempt employees. Maintained at the Department level.5AT/D
FEES: enrollment fees, refunds, estimates, receipts, generally any funds collected on behalf of the University and supporting documentation.5AU/D
FINANCIAL REPORTS - FEDERAL: financial reports, statistics, and support of federal reports.5AU/D
FINANCIAL REPORTS - STATE: financial reports, statistics, and support of non-federal reports.5AU/D
FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE ACT (FMLA) NOTICE OF DESIGNATION OF FMLA LEAVE: form used to notify an employee of a FMLA entitlement beginning date.P/O
FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE ACT (FMLA) EMPLOYER CHECKLIST: document that identifies qualifying factors for FMLA.P/O
FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE ACT (FMLA) REQUEST FORM: request by employee to be absent from work for a qualifying FMLA family or medical reason.P/O
GRADE CHANGE: instructor generated form used to change the grade in a particular class5LA/D
I-20 IMMIGRATION AUTHORIZATION: document filed with INS indicating eligibility for study5/D
INVENTORY - FEDERAL: federal excess property records and support (form SF-122).5AU/D
INVENTORY - OTHER: reconciliations, additions, deletions, reports of transactions.5/D
LECTURES - VISITING: records documenting lectures delivered by visiting speakersR/A
LOCAL AGENCY GROUP HEALTH INSURANCE LIST: list of local agency employees enrolled in GHI2/O
MINUTES: proceedings of regular or special meetings of committees, task forces, commissions, and other standing or ad hoc groupsR/A
NEWSLETTERS: issued by departments, organizations, etc.R/A
NOTIFICATION OF RETIREMENT: PER-37 form used to notify department and supervisor of intended retirement date2AT/D
ORGANIZATIONS - STUDENTS: records documenting activities of student organizations affiliated with University departmentsR/A
ORGANIZATIONS - STUDENT GOVERNMENT: records of Student Governing Association, Student Senate, etc.R/A
PAYMENT/PURCHASING DOCUMENTS - FEDERAL: agency purchase orders, interdepartmental vouchers, interfunds, invoices, etc. supporting purchase and payment using federal money.5AU/D
PAYMENT/PURCHASING DOCUMENTS - OTHER: agency purchase orders, interdepartmental vouchers, interfunds, invoices etc. supporting purchase and payment with non-federal money.5/D
PERSONNEL AND PAYROLL ACTIVITY REPORTS: monthly personnel and payroll activities reports5AU/D
PHOTOGRAPHS, VIDEO & AUDIO MATERIALS: photo-prints, negatives, slides, film, audio and video tapesR/A
POLICY & PROCEDURES MANUALS & STATEMENTS: original copies of formal explanations of policies and procedures issued in collective manual or individual statement formatsR/A
POSITION DESCRIPTIONS: DA 281-2 (Special) Classified position description form, PER-26 Annual Update of position descriptions form, DA-313 Position description profile for Information Technology positions, PER-23 Unclassified Professional position description form3S/D
PRESS RELEASES: public information issued to the news mediaR/A
PROGRAMS & INVITATIONS: documents related to official department functionsR/A
PROMOTION/TRANSFER OPPORTUNITIES: The Classified Employment Opportunity Notice is updated weekly and posted on the Division of Human Resources website and the Human Resources bulletin board in the lobby of 103 Edwards Hall.R/D
PUBLICATIONS: books, periodicals, newsletters, brochures, pamphlets, flyers, etc.R/A
RECRUITMENT-CLASSIFIED: PER-5 Request for Certified Names, Applicant Summary, AA-28 Initial Screening of Candidates Prior to Interview, PER-10 Affirmative Action Classified Selection Report, and all recruitment documents (records that document recruiting, screening, selecting, hiring and promoting employees). The records may include but are not limited to: position descriptions, requisitions, announcements and advertisements, eligible registers, applications, resumes, screening and selection criteria, interview and employment reference questions and interviewersí notes, evaluations and ranking of applicants, reference letters, and all correspondence (including email).5/D
RECRUITMENT-UNCLASSIFIED: APPENDIX 8 unclassified faculty and staff vacancy form, APPENDIX 9 position announcement form APPENDIX 10 recruitment plan, APPENDIX 11 unclassified appointment record, APPENDIX 12 affirmative action recruitment report, and all recruitment related documents. These documents may include but are not limited to: position descriptions, announcements and advertisements, vitas, resumes, letters of application, screening and selection criteria, interview and employment reference questions and interviewersí notes, search committee memberís notes, writing samples, evaluations and rankings of applicants, reference letters and all correspondence (including email).5/D
REPORTS - ANNUAL & SPECIAL: general and specific reports regarding departmental activitiesR/A
REPORTS - TABULATIONS: reports generated based on various student characteristics written for the total University communityR/A
RESEARCH DATA AND RECORDS-PAPER: data, files, notes, laboratory notebooks, reports, publications, and related documents created during research projects. With the exception of data and records that support patent applications and issued patents, retain 5 years then, provided all audit requirements have been resolved, contact University Archives for appraisal. If not accepted for transfer to University Archives, then destroy. For data and records that support patent applications and issued patents, retain for the lifetime of all patents then proceed as noted for non-patented material. (see: Research Data and Records-Electronic).5AU/A
RESEARCH DATA AND RECORDS-ELECTRONIC: data and related information created during research projects. With the exception of data and records that support patent applications and issued patents, retain 5 years then, provided all audit requirements have been resolved, contact University Archives for appraisal. For data and records that support patent applications and issued patents, retain for the lifetime of all patents then proceed as noted for non-patented material. If not appraised as permanent, then destroy. When used to produce hard copy that is maintained according to Research Records and Data-Paper, destroy when no longer useful. If appraised as having permanent value, it is the responsibility of the K-State employee or office that created the information in electronic format to see that it is maintained, preserved, and reasonably accessible. (see: Research Data and Records-Paper)5AU/P/O
RESIDENCE APPLICATION/DOCUMENTATION: materials submitted in support of application to pay resident tuition5LA/D
SALARY INCREASE LISTING: unclassified employee salary increase listing3/D
SALES TAX REPORTS: Monthly/Quarterly Sales tax reports to Controller's Office or to Kansas Department of Revenue.5/D
SCRAPBOOKS & ALBUMS: collection of misc. documents regarding departmental activitiesR/A
SHARED LEAVE DONATION FORM : authorization by an employee to transfer accrued leave to another employee approved for Shared Leave.3/D
SHARED LEAVE REQUEST FORM : request by employee for approval to receive donated hours from other employees.3/D
SOCIETIES - HONORARY: records documenting activities of departmental, college and University honorary society chaptersR/A
SPECIAL OBSERVANCES: records documenting anniversaries, centennials, inaugurations, etc.R/A
SPEECHES & WRITINGS: notes, drafts, and final versions of departmental related speeches, articles, talks, and other formal public communications published or given at meetingsR/A
STUDENT ID CARD RECEIPT LIST: report of students who have had replacement IDs made and have paid replacement feeAU/D
STUDENT LOAN DOCUMENTS: original loan documents, support for due diligence in collections efforts.R/A
SUPPLEMENTAL PAY: notice of hours to be paid an employee for shift differential, overtime, or leave without pay5AU/D
TIME AND LEAVE RECORDS: classified, unclassified, student, and hourly time worked and leave used records5/D
TRAINING: PER-1 request for enrollment in training and development programs, publication of training opportunities available, publication of training resources available5/D
TRANSCRIPT ORDER FORM: form completed by student to request that a copy of the permanent record be forwarded to another agencyAU/D
TRANSFER TRANSCRIPTS: record of work taken at other institutions used in support of admission or graduation5/D