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Instructions for Completing Records Transmittal Form

The following instructions are provided to assist offices with filling out the Records Transmittal Form that is to accompany each transfer of records to the Archives. The number of each instruction refers to the numbered section on the form.

  1. Transmitting Office. The name of the office, department, unit, etc. transferring the records to the Archives; also referred to as the Office of Record.
  2. Building & Room Number. The name of the building and the room number where the transmitting office is located.
  3. Telephone No. The number where the Archives staff can call for information about the records.
  4. Box Number. The number assigned each storage box by the transmitting office as the records are placed in boxes for transfer to the Archives.
  5. Title of Records. The name of the records as identified on the Records Retention and Disposition Schedule. Additional descriptive comments concerning the records are encouraged when necessary.
  6. Inclusive Dates of Records in Each Box. The oldest and most recent dates of the records contained in each box (e.g. 1960-1965).

NOTE: A second page is provided if additional lines are needed. Please make additional copies of the form as necessary.

  1. Total Number of Boxes. The total number of boxes transferred to the Archives.
  2. Restrictions on Records. Any reason for restricting public access must be explained in this section. The reason must comply with the Kansas Open Records Act (a copy is available in the Archives), state or federal statutes or regulations.
  3. Transmitting Office Representative and University Archives Acknowledgement. This section asks for the signature of the head of the office transferring the records, or an authorized representative, followed by the signature of an Archives staff member once the records have been transferred. A copy of the Records Transmittal Form will be returned to the transmitting office for its files and referral.