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Is the Workbook required?
The Workbook consists of more than forty activies linked to the course content. You should download and print the Workbook or purchase a spiral bound copy before you begin the course. If you print it yourself, you should hole-punch and insert Workbook pages in a three-ring binder or have them spiral bound at a copy store (add blank pages in the back if you wish).

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The Workbook can contribute to your learning in two ways. First, completing Workbook assignment takes you away from the computer and provides an opportunity to think about the material and organize your ideas. Second, your Workbook becomes a long-term record of your experience. Years from now, you can reexamine and review your entries in your Workbook. With the passage of time and additional experience, you might see new avenues of knowledge that did not occur to you earlier.

One of the Reviewers of the Course wrote:

I think the workbook exercises are very valuable and are what helps personalize or bring to life the concepts you are teaching. The course would not be nearly as valuable to participants without the completion of the workbook. However, I am not sure that people who are drawn to on-line classes are eager to complete paper exercises. You may have a low rate of completion because of the amount of "work," both writing and emotional work that course participants must go through to complete the course.

You do not have to complete the Workbook to take the course. If you do, your learning experience will be enriched. That's entirely up to you. I am more interested in providing a quality learning experience than ensuring a high rate of completion.

My goal here is to nurture insight not lecture you with facts and theory or encourage a speedy journey through the course. Solid information is useful of course, but insight is only possible by taking the time to reflect. Insight is the result of the work you do to reflect and apply knowledge to your experience. A workbook or journal gives you that opportunity.

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Is the Workbook required?
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