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Taking the Course with friends and family
Taking the course with a partner is a great way to complete the Course and Workbook. Many of the activities in the Workbook involve responding to someone who could be a partner.

I suggest that each person in the group or partnership complete each module seperately and then meet to discuss reactions and insights gained from reading the material and doing the activities. In some cases, partners could read each frame together and discuss ideas as they proceed. For example, a father and his teenage daughter might complete the course in this fashion, each relating course concepts to people they know.

When arriving at the evaluation survey page, each person in the group should complete the survey on his or her own.

Who is the audience for the course?
What will I learn in the course?
What is the author's background?
How much time is it going to take?
Is there a cost of any kind to take the course?
Is the Workbook required?
Can I take the course with friends or colleagues?
How can I prove I have completed the course?
What is the DearNeighbors program?


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