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Looking back and ahead at the Threshold
In the first two modules, we talked about helping and examined the significance of authentic core emotions.

In the remaining four modules, we focus on heartache and helping across four phases: Threshold, Stabilize, Mobilize, and Transform.

Threshold is the first and immediate contact with Friends. The person we meet at the threshold is experiencing the first aftershocks of heartbreak. After a great loss, shock may numb our minds. We may deny or turn our back on the reality of the loss to wrap ourselves in a protective cocoon. This numbness may be necessary because it allows us to face the loss gradually.
The first few minutes of an encounter at the Threshold provide a critical opportunity to establish a climate of trust and support with Friends. During this phase, the goal is rapport, which reduces fear and distress, establishes safety and security, and prepares Friends for the next phase (Stabilize). The primary message we send is "I care; I am interested in you."

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