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The WonderWise Parent is a large site with a considerable amount of information. This section provides an overview of how to navigate the site. Beginning in mid July 2002, The WonderWise Parent is undergoing a streamlining of its organization. This page and the tour that follows is one of the first changes made to the old site. Since The WonderWise Parent is the creation of one man, changing the entire site to be consistent with its new look and feel will take some time. Even so, the fundamental concepts in the tour still relate to all pages you can visit. They will just look a little different.

Main or Primary Sections

There are six primary sections that can be seen on the main page and in the tab icons at the top of each page: Programs, Courses, Elements, Stories, Opinions, Games. Each section will be divided into subsections. Each subsection may branch out to one or more additional sections. Navigation can be easily accomplished by clicking on the text links in the header or the icons on the page. You should be able to reach any single page from anywhere on the site in about three mouse clicks.

For example, go to this page and see if you can get back to this page in one mouse click (not using the "back button" on your browser). When you do, click on this page and examine how the page is set up. Note the number of text links, how links are ordered in the deep red header according to structure. Note also the tabs at the top that let you move through the main or primary sections and the circular icons at the bottom that allow you to move through the subsections of "Games." After clicking on these links to see where they take you, return to this page (remember, all you have to do is click on "Tour" on the light green tab at the bottom of every page. Then begin your tour.

The tour takes one page (The Recommended Games list), that has been converted into a single graphic and considerably reduced, and then breaks it down into a series of features important for navigation. The sample page graphic is too small to read, but the navigation elements can be easily seen.

Begin Tour

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