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Review categoryGame parts refers to the physical quality of the components of the game. If there is a game board, does it lie flat on the table? If game pieces have to be separated, do they come apart easily without tearing (if made of cardboard)? How thick are the cardboard game pieces? Are the colors in the game vibrant and pleasant to the eye? Will the game stand up to persistent use? Does the game box store all the parts efficiently?

spacerGerman games are known for their high quality. American republishers of German games, like Rio Grand Games, approach or match the quality of the originals. All the games recommended here, those that originated in Germany or from domestic producers, are at least "acceptable" quality. The ratings "high," "medium," and "low" should be considered "Excellent," "Good," and "Acceptable" in terms of game quality.

spacerQuality is important for two reasons. Buying a good game should be seen as an investment. Some games can be sold on the web (e.g., on Ebay) for at least 50-60% of their new price. When some games go out-of-print, their worth can dramatically increase. The condition and reputation of the game is very important. Also, quality game parts can increase enjoyment of the game. So have fun when you play, but provide good care of the game parts.

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