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spacerGames Home: Game Night (or Game Afternoon)

Game Night graphicSet aside one evening a week for "Game Night." If the age range of your children is too great to play any single game, divide the group into older and younger players. Some games can be played with all ages and could be used to bring the entire family together. Consider allowing children to invite a friend to play.

spacerBe prepared before the Game Night starts. Determine which games are to be played after polling family members, make sure the parts are present, and go over the game rules to refresh your memory. Make snack foods available that do not ruin game parts (e.g., unbuttered popcorn, a bowl of M&Ms, pretzels). Snack tables for drinks are advisable to avoid spills.

spacerDiscuss rules of behavior for Game Night, such as:
spacer* Stay friendly even if you are losing
spacer* Help someone who makes a mistake
spacer* Rules can be changed only if everyone agrees
spacer* Accept lots of mistakes by everyone the first time a game is played
spacer* Loud laughter is encouraged but not mean words
spacer* Play fair at all times

spacerGo over game rules patiently and provide lots of help the first time a game is played. If the game involves cards, for example, you might play with all hands showing. Start the Game Night early enough before family members become too tired.

spacerIf you have used this material in providing board game experiences for your family, we need to hear from you. Please visit the program evaluation page to leave your comments for us.

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