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1. Vengeance [text][mp3] 2. Anger [text][mp3]
3. Strength [text][mp3]

4. Fear [text][mp3]

5. Hope [text][mp3]

6. Valor [text][mp3]

7. Synchrony [text]

8. Heroism [text]

9. Presence [text]

10. Happiness [text]

11. Resolution [text]

12. Perseverence [text]

Insight of Ourselves is a second series of three-minute commentaries broadcast on KKSU, the public radio station at Kansas State University.These commentaries are intended to illuminate various aspects of the human experience with special emphasis on parent-child relationships. To read a selection of commentaries from the previous series, please click here. For two longer interviews recorded shortly after the September 11 New York tragedy, listen or download (right click and save to your computer) two mp3 files on children and terrorism and anger.
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