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Wyatt Earp box and cards
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Designer Richard Borg, Michael Fitzgerald
Manufacturer Rio Grande
Year 2001
Source Domestic
Quick Summary
spacerA card game similar to Rummy in which players take the role of a bounty hunters on the heels of seven legendary outlaws like Jesse James and the Sundance Kid. The players try to earn as much reward money as possible by participating in the capture of the outlaws. Each player gets 10 cards and eventually meld cards for specific outlaws which increases the reward for the outlaw. Special cards like Photo Cards, Bank Robbery, Stagecoach robbery, Fastest Gun, Hideout add significantly to the play to make the game interesting. By playing their cards, the players come closer and closer to capturing the outlaws as the reward grows. The graphics and card quality are terrific. The game works very well with two to four. For more information, click on the Funagain link or review the description for Wyatt Earp at the Boardgame Geek.
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