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Looking back and ahead at Transformation
We approach the conclusion of this course. Thanks for persevering and for working diligently to gain insight about yourself that will enable you to support others. This last phase of helping completes our role as a compassionate helper.

We have come a long way with Friends. This journey may have only been fifteen minutes with a stranger who is in the seat next to us on an airline flight or many days and weeks with a friend or relative. We have walked with them through difficult times and passed the test of chaotic and strong emotions. Serious thinking has taken place. A plan is taking shape.

Our role as helpers is beginning to come to a resolution. Even so, Transform is important. The work at Mobilize leads to Transformation. The people we have helped are reorganizing their lives during this phase and moving away from a past self to a future self. At this phase, Friends move away from us to reestablish themselves. Our importance to them has diminished, as it should.

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