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Time investment
The "conversational" format of A Course on Helping is informal and nontechnical. The conversation proceeds through a series of more than 150 linked frames with more than 20,000 words. The Workbook consists of more than forty activities linked to course content. This learning experience is about the size of a small book.

Unlike other educational resources, this conversational format does not allow for a rapid scan of the material. Participation in the course is more leisurely. Be prepared to take your time, think carefully, complete the Workbook entries, and bookmark the course as you proceed. There is too much material and activity here to read at one sitting. If you have any comments about this course or its format, I would love to hear from you.

I know this format may frustrate some readers who are simply browsing and curious. If you are willing to invest the time and effort, the payoff will hopefully be there when you complete the material. The reactions by many students and casual readers who completed the FireWorks: Anger management in adult-child relationships indicate that the content and format had a powerful impact in their lives.

One of the Reviewers for the Course said,

Be committed to the idea of helping. It is not going to be easy and you need to be ready to spend time and energy on the course. You will get back what you put into this course and if you are not willing to put forth the time and talent you should not start the process. You will end up letting yourself down as well as those who are needing you as a friend.

If you like this conversational format, you might also be interested in taking I'm Positive: Growing up with self esteem and A short course on courage (at my Raising Courageous Kids website).

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What is the author's background?
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