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There is no cost for either the Course or for downloading the Workbook. There are two points in the course where I will ask you for your anonymous reactions to the material. Your comments allow us to monitor the impact of the course and make improvements. These surveys are brief and your response would be appreciated.

You may download the Workbook for your own personal use. Both the Course and the Workbook are copyrighted. So you may not copy and distribute the material without permission from the author.

If you would prefer an attractive spiral-bound color version of the Workbook, you may order one from us.

Who is the audience for the course?
What will I learn in the course?
What is the author's background?
How much time is it going to take?
Is there a cost of any kind to take the course?
Is the Workbook required?
Can I take the course with friends or colleagues?
How can I prove I have completed the course?
What is the DearNeighbors program?


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