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A Course on Helping is intended for volunteers in helping organizations (e.g., Red Cross, Hospice, Salvation Army, 4H and other youth programs, shelters, hospitals, churches) and professionals who work with clients in crisis (e.g., medical professionals, clergy, teachers, and family life educators). Family members who take the course might improve their ability to respond to each other when facing heartache and heartbreak.

Participants who are coming to terms with personal loss might discover that learning to reach out to help others in crisis is part of their own healing.

There is no litmus test required to take the course. Anyone who wants to become better at providing support and care to friends, family, neighbors, and strangers is welcome to download the Workbook and begin the course.

Who is the audience for the course?
What will I learn in the course?
What is the author's background?
How much time is it going to take?
Is there a cost of any kind to take the course?
Is the Workbook required?
Can I take the course with friends or colleagues?
How can I prove I have completed the course?
What is the DearNeighbors program?


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