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March 21, 2023

Kansas State University promotes 72 faculty members, 30 receive tenure

Submitted by Tanya Gonzalez

Seventy-two Kansas State University faculty members are receiving promotions in rank, with 30 faculty members earning tenure.

"These faculty represent Kansas State University's tradition of excellence in research, teaching and service to the university and beyond," said Provost Charles Taber. "We are proud of these newly tenured and promoted faculty. I congratulate them and look forward to their continued success." 

The promotions include 32 faculty members to the rank of full professor, 23 faculty members to the rank of associate professor with tenure, and eight additional faculty promotions.

Earning promotion to full professor are Augustine Obour, agronomy; Eleni Pliakoni, horticulture and natural resources; Nathan Howe, architecture; Michael McGlynn, architecture; Anne Beamish, landscape architecture and regional & community planning; Rebecca Hackemann-Bahlmann, art; Karin Westman, English; Amy Rosine, music, theatre and dance; Matthew Berg, physics; Vinod Kumarappan, physics; Michael Flynn, political science; Valerie Padilla Carroll, social transformation studies; Terry Mason, accounting; Michael Krush, marketing; Jaebeom Suh, marketing; Douglas Walker, marketing; Royce Ann Collins, educational leadership; Kerry Priest, educational leadership; Bill Zhang, architectural engineering and construction science; Ajay Sharda, biological and agricultural engineering; Dunja Peric, civil engineering; Punit Prakash, electrical and computer engineering; Mary Lynn Higginbotham, clinical sciences; Ellyn Mulcahy, diagnostic medicine/pathobiology; Lisa Pohlman, diagnostic medicine and pathobiology; Laura Bonella, academic services; Jason Coleman, academic services; Melia Fritch, academic services; Tara Coleman, research, education and engagement; Tim Bower, integrated studies; Terri Gaeddert, integrated studies; and Lisa Shappee, library services.

Earning promotion to associate professor with tenure are Vipan Kumar, agronomy; Andres Patrignani, agronomy; Michael Chao, animal science and industry; Kaliramesh Siliveru, grain science and industry; Andrew Ricketts, horticulture and natural resources; Michael Grogan, architecture; Nicholas Geankoplis, art; Thomas Platt, biology; Anna Zinovyeva, biology; Tendai Gadzikwa, chemistry; Valerie Bostwick, economics; Amanda Gaulke, economics; Claudia Adam, geology; Behzad Ghanbarian, geology; Lino Amorim, mathematics; Rino Anno, mathematics; Vorrapan Chandee, mathematics; Danielle LaGree, media and communications; Heather Woods, media and communications; Benjamin McCloskey, modern languages; Alyssa Morris, music, theatre and dance; Shay Logan, philosophy; Angela Park, political science; Michael Tyburski, political science; Tuan Nguyen, curriculum and instruction; Meng Zhang, industrial and manufacturing systems engineering; Martin Talavera, food, nutrition, dietetics and health; Yingying Wu, interior design and fashion studies; Gina Besenyi, kinesiology; HanNa Lim, personal financial planning; Raghavendra Amachawadi, clinical sciences; and Brian Herrin, diagnostic medicine and pathobiology.

Karol Fike, animal sciences and industry, and Abbey Nutsch, animal sciences and industry, earned promotion to teaching professor.

Pradeep Malreddy, anatomy and physiology, Kara Berke, clinical sciences, Katie Delph Miller, clinical sciences, and Shaun Huser, clinical sciences, earned promotion to clinical associate professor.

Christopher Mullinix, animal science and industry, and Linda Yarrow, food, nutrition, dietetics and health, earned promotion to advanced instructor.

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