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September 22, 2022

Registration is open for online Art and Math Seminar

Submitted by Natalia Rozhkovskaya

Heart curve equation

The mathematics department resumes the online meetings of the interdisciplinary Art and Math Seminar. The fall 2022 presentations will be delivered by Diana Davis, faculty at Phillips Exeter Academy, on Oct. 6; Gregory Moore and Karin Rabe, professors of physics at Rutgers University, on Oct. 27; and Laurent Di Menza, professor of mathematics and chair of the department of mathematics at Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, on Dec. 1. 

The complete seminar schedule and more details on the series will be posted online. Registration is required to participate in this seminar.

Davis' research is dedicated to dynamics of periodic tiling billiards. Davis is a renowned promoter of the art and math connections. She edited the volume "Illustrating Mathematics," published in 2020 by the American Mathematical Society. The publication is a collection of images of mathematical ideas contributed by artists and scientists. Davis is an author of the viral video "Cutting Sequences on the Double Pentagon," which explains through dance the main theorem of her doctoral dissertation.

Moore's research is dedicated to string theory, M-theory and general gauge theories. Rabe studies condensed matter theory, ferroelectricity, multiferroicity in metals and insulators, quasicrystallinity and high-temperature superconductivity. Both scientists are avid enthusiasts of square dancing. We expect to hear about the patterns and symmetry of this social dance, algorithmic problems faced by callers and elegant ways of their resolutions.

Di Menza's research interests include dispersive equations, finite difference methods, transparent and absorbing conditions and hyperbolic systems in astrophysics. In addition to his main research activities, Di Menza is committed to popularization of mathematical sciences. His talk for the Art and Math seminar will enlighten the science of juggling.