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January 24, 2020

Beginning Feb. 1, reclassification requests will be accepted year-round

Submitted by Jenny Dowell

Human Capital Services will accept requests for reclassification year-round beginning Feb. 1. This is a shift from reclassification windows that were offered twice each year. The university has been operating in a compensation structure for several years and Human Capital Services recognizes the need to be more responsive as jobs continue to evolve in our changing environment.

The process for requesting a reclassification will be similar to the previous approach. Some key similarities and differences are described below.


  • Reclassification requests will still be submitted through Qualtrics and will require action from the supervisor, manager and employee.
  • Reclassification will still be intended for positions that have undergone significant and permanent changes in duties and responsibilities. Review of positions does not guarantee a particular outcome.
  • The employee in the position being requested for reclassification must have been performing the new job duties for at least six months.
  • A PER-2 will still be the form used to finalize a reclassification. Reclassifications for unclassified staff also require a new initial contract.


  • There will no longer be windows of submission or specific deadlines for submission; requests for reclassification may be submitted at any time.
  • The website will have an e-form to indicate an interest in reclassification. This will alert the Compensation and Organizational Effectiveness team to connect and provide next steps.
  • Once a reclassification decision has been determined, related changes to classification and/or compensation will be effective as soon as the next available pay period start date.
  • Turnaround times for reviewing and making determinations are anticipated to be 2-4 weeks from receipt.

The opening of the reclassification request process empowers leaders to ensure employees are correctly placed in the compensation structure with increased timeliness. This service enhancement will be a value-added change for everyone involved. This shift has been driven by input from customers across the university and made possible through the collaboration and support of partners in Human Capital Services. Thank you for working with us to help improve the way we serve K-State!

Faculty and staff are encouraged to visit the HCS website for updated content including procedural guidance, reference tools and resources. Contact the Compensation and Organizational Effectiveness team with any questions or concerns.