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October 2, 2019

Burenheide ups his game with gaming journal

Submitted by Patrice Scott

Brad Burenheide

Inspired by the gaming phenomenon "Dungeons and Dragons" and intellectually curious about the connection between role-playing games and learning, a College of Education faculty member has upped his game by creating PhD&D Journal, an online open-access journal for academicians to better explore this subject. 

Brad Burenheide, associate professor of curriculum and instruction and PhD&D Journal editor, said the articles in the inaugural edition were written by four members of the PhD&D advisory/editorial board. The titles are "A Cognitive Analysis of Role-Playing Game Immersion"; "Dungeons & Dragons in the Classroom: Roleplaying"; and "Metagaming in Tabletop Role-Playing Games." The journal will use a rolling production online and invites submissions in an open format. 

As editor, Burenheide believes the true power of this exploration will be through collaboration. 

"The role-playing game has a lot to offer various branches of academia, and we want to explore these benefits for a true multi-disciplinary community that sees the game not just as a pastime, but as a means to engage, help and train individuals in various matters," he said. "This is a rich field of potential academic study. We not only want this to be a meaningful and rich delving into a myriad of subjects, but we want to form relationships between individuals from different fields." 

Members of the PhD&D advisory/editorial board are David Allen, associate professor of curriculum and instruction; Spencer Clark, associate professor of curriculum and instruction; Darrin Coe, associate professor of psychology at North Central University; Seth Licktieg, doctoral student in curriculum and instruction and instructor at Emporia State University; and Suzanne Porath, assistant professor of curriculum and instruction. 

Information about the larger PhD&D effort can be found on the virtual community's website "where a bunch of academics play, study and research D&D!"

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