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K-State Today

June 13, 2019

Listen to the latest Global Food Systems podcast with Harry Klee

Submitted by Maureen Olewnik

The K-State Global Food Systems podcast, "Something to Chew On," has published "Making a Tastier Tomato" with Harry Klee, professor in horticultural sciences at the University of Florida.

Klee is working to understand the chemical and genetic makeup of flavor in fruits and vegetables.

After starting his career at Monsanto, in 1995 he accepted an endowed chair position tasked with developing better tomato varieties through traditional breeding techniques. Enjoy this wide-ranging conversation covering plant breeding, genetic modification/gene editing, why tomatoes at the supermarket don't taste very good, how Klee's lab is producing a better tasting tomato, and much more. 

For more about Klee and his lab, visit his website

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