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September 17, 2018

Global Food Systems Initiative hosts speakers: Engaging smallholder systems

Submitted by Sarah Hancock

Tom Gill and David Ader with the Smith Center for International Sustainable Agriculture at the University of Tennessee, or UTIA, will visit Kansas State University to discuss their institution's ideas and activities that are similar to K-State's Global Food Systems Initiative as well as their strong international work in studies surrounding food. 

They will present "Smallholder farming systems for the future: What is the role of a land-grant university?" at 4:30 p.m. Sept. 18 in Town Hall at the Leadership Studies Building. All are welcome to attend. 

Similar to K-State's interdisciplinary approach to global food systems, Gill's and Ader's backgrounds include studies in rural sociology and demography, geography, interdisciplinary ecology and agricultural development.

According to the speakers, the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture is designed to empower faculty, staff and students to think and act globally in pursuit of sustainable solutions to our world's agricultural, food and natural resource challenges. Their mission is approached in a variety of ways:​

  • Building interdisciplinary faculty programs focused on cutting-edge science and technology.
  • Developing academic programs in international agriculture and natural resources.
  • Strengthening international partnerships and networks.
  • Highlighting the importance of global engagement to our communities in Tennessee and around the world. 

The presentation will incorporate ways to engage our faculty, staff and students in important work on transforming smallholder systems worldwide.

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