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September 6, 2018

Diane Swanson publishes article on strategy and corporate social performance

Submitted by Diane L. Swanson

Picture of Professor Diane L. Swanson

Management professor Diane L. Swanson's co-authored paper on how firms' responses to stakeholder pressures create six distinct corporate social performance profiles has been accepted for publication in Long Range Planning, a strategic management journal. 

The article, "Managing stakeholder pressures: Toward a typology of corporate social performance profiles," is the result of Swanson's collaboration with business professors from the University of Adelaide and University of South Australia. The paper proposes that a given corporate social performance profile is the result of various stakeholder pressures, which include campaigns for corporate social responsibility, as they interact with a firm's resource endowments, and that these interactions help explain situations in which firms ignore some stakeholders while courting others. 

As a practical implication, this understanding can guide managers in their choice and development of socially responsible stakeholder management through a more effective alignment of short-term and long-term strategic goals.