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July 2, 2012

Department of geology faculty, students present at international conference

Submitted by Saugata Datta

The department of geology was active at the recent Goldschmidt Geochemistry Conference in Montreal.

Saugata Datta, associate professor, and two colleagues convened a session, Biogeochemistry of oxyanion-forming trace elements in the environment. The session was under the theme: Geomicrobiology, Biogeochemical Processes and Biosignatures. 

Datta also presented with Robinson Barker, graduate student, and Sophia Ford, undergraduate student, and colleagues. The presentation was "Laboratory CO2 flow experiments to model hydrochemical and mineralogical changes in the Arbuckle aquifer during CO2 storage."

Datta and Chad Hobson, graduate student, and colleagues presented "Mineralogical and geochemical investigation of tungsten in natural environments: An emerging contaminant."

Datta, Natalie Mladenov, assistant professor of civil engineering; Sankar Manalilkada Sasidharan, graduate student; Sophia Ford. undergraduate student; and colleagues presented "Field scale investigation of geochemical parameters controlling high and low As occurrence in Murshidabad District, West Bengal: India."

Datta also had two presentations as a co-author: "Sources of organic matter fueling as mobilization in groundwaters of West Bengal, India: Evidence from reactive transport modeling," and "Arsenic speciation and distribution controls throughout Murshidabad, West Bengal, India."

Matthew Brueseke, assistant professor; Zachary Hasten, graduate student; and colleagues presented "Mid-Miocene volcanism in the Owyhee Mountains (ID) and implications for coeval epithermal precious metal mineralization."