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Department of Psychological Sciences

Don Saucier, Ph. D., University Distinguished Teaching Scholar

Don SaucierContact Information

Office: BH 468

Phone: 532-6881

E-mail: saucier@ksu.edu

Research Interests

Dr. Saucier’s research interests center on expressions of antisocial and prosocial behavior. Specifically, Dr. Saucier is interested in the individual differences and situational factors that contribute to the justification and suppression of antisocial behavior (e.g., prejudice, aggression), as well as to decisions to behave prosocially (e.g., to give or withhold help).

Graduate Student Involvement

Dr. Saucier supervises and collaborates with several graduate students in the Social-Personality graduate program. Graduate students typically identify an area in which their own interests overlap with, but extend beyond, Dr. Saucier’s research interests so that they become independent scholars conducting novel research. Interested graduate student applicants may contact Dr. Saucier by email (saucier@ksu.edu) to inquire about open slots in his lab prior to applying to the Social-Personality graduate program at K-State.

Undergraduate Student Involvement

Dr. Saucier supervises several undergraduate students in his research lab each semester. These students are involved in all phases of the research process, from designing projects and collecting data to data analysis to the presentation of results. Undergraduates, especially those who are involved in the lab for multiple semesters, often present at regional (e.g., Midwestern Psychological Association) as well as national conferences (e.g., Society for Personality and Social Psychology). In addition, some students have the opportunity to assist with the submission of manuscripts, earning co-authorship in the process. Dr. Saucier interviews interested undergraduates for slots in his lab each semester, and can be contacted by email (saucier@ksu.edu) by students interested in more information about opportunities in his lab.

Representative Publications (*graduate student; +undergraduate student)

Saucier, D. A., & Miller, C. T. (2003). The persuasiveness of racial arguments as a subtle measure of racism.  Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 29, 1303-1315.

Saucier, D. A., Miller, C. T., & +Doucet, N. (2005). Differences in helping Whites and Blacks: A meta-analysis.  Personality and Social Psychology Review, 9, 2-16.

Saucier, D. A., & *Webster, R. J. (2010). Social vigilantism: Measuring individual differences in belief superiority and resistance to persuasion.  Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 36 (1), 19-32.

*McManus, J. L., +Feyes, K. J., & Saucier, D. A. (2011). Knowledge and contact as predictors of attitudes toward individuals with intellectual disabilities.  Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 28 (5), 579-590.

*Webster, R. J., & Saucier, D. A. (2013). Angels and demons are among us: The effects of belief in pure evil and belief in pure good on aggression and prosociality. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 39 (11), 1455-1470.

*Hockett, J. M., *Smith, S. J., +Klausing, C. D., & Saucier, D. A. (in press). The influence of rape myth consistent information on gender differences in rape victim perceptions: A meta-analysis. Violence Against Women.

*Webster, R. J., +Burns, M., +Pickering, M., & Saucier, D. A. (in press). The suppression and justification of prejudice as a function of political orientation. European Journal of Personality.

Additional publications may be retrieved using the databases managed by PsycINFO and/or Google Scholar..