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Department of Psychological Sciences

Thank You!

We would like to thank all of our generous donors to the Psychology Department whose gifts have helped us continue our educational and research missions!

Below, we have listed our Department of Psychology Honor Roll of Giving, July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016. If you would like to have your named removed, please contact Lester Loschky <loschky@ksu.edu>.  Also, if you have made a gift to the department and your name does not appear on this list you can contact Jill Versch <jillv@found.ksu.edu> or 800-432-1578.

$5,000 - $9,999Up to $100
Michael and Dee TroutmanLora and Adam Adair
Ron Downey and Irene Ward Laura Brannon 
$1,000 - $4,999Helen and Timothy Brown 
Milt and Alice AhlerichGarra and May Cohen
Kyle and Gail Antenen Jennifer Cooper
Mitch and Deborah BrigellRegina and Jim Crowell
Bill Deeds and Pam Hoadley Brad Cunningham 
Jerwen and Chian-Hua JouCindy and John Diederich 
Kenneth and Beth SewellClive Fullagar and Dorothy Farrand 
Lisa and Jason WayNeena Gopalan
$500 - $999Charles Hermesch and Barbara Baldwin
Kim Linin and James Devlin Pete and Shelly Jafferis
Jerry and Jeanne Frieman Gerald and Theresa Kaiser
Charles and Michelle HendrixKevin Kenney 
Mary and Joseph LewisNancy and Stephen Kiefer
Julia PoundsKim Kirkpatrick and Stuart Miller
Dallas and Sharon RichardsCeleste and Scott Kirmer
$250 - $499Muriel Morgan-Chism
Joel and Karen DiGirolamoJulie Partridge and Phil Anton
Gene and Peggy HoffmanCharles Pickens
Lori and Richard KrauseWillis and Jill Poland 
Gregory Monaco and Jeanne TomiserDarci Pottroff and Joleen Spain
Kirk and Noel SchulzErin Sanders-Hahs and James Hahs
Michael and Carolyn YoungJan and Dana Schroll
$100 - $249Deanna and Keith Siemsen
Suzette AstleySamantha Snell
Troy and Heather BaileyJohn and Tamara Steenbock 
Kristin Bruno and George Michael BarnesDenise and Mace Thornton 
Richard Harris and Caprice BeckerDian and Jan Tien
Amy and Jason BeckmanAnita and James Tobaben
Gary and Sandra BraseDiego Valadares Kientz
Deborah CarlsonHillary Watts
Michael DoughertyFani and Andy Wefald
Russ EwyJessica Williamson
Richard Felton 
Kim and Rick Flott 
Susan Heil 
William and Amy Hill 
Sandi McCoy Kramos and Greg Kramos 
William Lewis 
Wendong Li 
Amy Gross and John Pagen  
Jeffrey and Sylvia Reed 
Akim and Jami Reynolds 
Aurora Rowland-Martinez and Sonny Martinez 
Kevin and Helen Schartz 
Wendy Strevey-Tien and Loren Tien 
Jon and Kathy Van Gaasbeek 
Carrick and Camilla Williams 
Sharon and Richard Wilsnack  
James Wright 


Click here for Psychology Honor Roll of Giving for 2009 - 2010