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Dr. Patrick Knight's research focuses on the general issue of psychological commitments to various organizations and activities, and how these commitments affect workers' behaviors both on and off the job. Studies have examined commitments to work and school, work and church, part-time vs. full-time commitments, among others. In addition, this research has examined the process by which people make decisions to seek part-time employment. A model of this decision process has been developed and a series of studies testing the model are underway.

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Dr. Chris Lake's research program involves two lines of research.  In the first, he examines workplace satisfaction and commitment, which are typically measured through self-report surveys.  He has been  investigating the factors that make it difficult to interpret self-report responses on these topics. In his second line of research, he is studying the the decisions that people make at work, especially those made by managers.   

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Dr. Jin Lee's research focus is primarily on workplace safety, health, and well-being. Specifically, he holds research interests in safety climate assessment and management in high-risk industries, analysis of risk perception styles of temporary workers, work system improvement through the perspectives of macroergonomics and Total Worker Health™, and application of advanced quantitative methodology in multidisciplinary research efforts. Currently, he is a principal investigator for a project about the design of safety climate intervention based on socio-technical systems approach. Also, he is interested in data visualization and application of machine learning approaches to I/O psychology. 

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Dr. Clive Fullagar's research explores the application of organizational psychology to unions and the collective bargaining process. Current research includes the development of a model explaining why workers become committed to labor unions and what the psychological consequences are. Research also examines the phenomenon of dual allegiance, looking at the predictors and outcomes of different patterns of loyalty to both labor and employing organizations. Other areas of research include attitudes about organized labor, strike behavior, work-related stress, and leadership behavior in unions.

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